Monday, 25 June 2018

I've crept back in!

Here we go …. after five years I'm back in my capacity as a Google Blogger.  Most Blogs I come across say "I'm back!".  Apparently the average person can only assimilate about 5 words strung together on Facebook.  It's all about the pictures.  I use Instagram for that but never mind.

I was only 53 last time I was here and minus lots of medical conditions. If the truth be known I probably had them but I just soldiered on in blissful ignorance.  More of that another time and last time I saw the Dr. she said that in another five years I'd be wishing all I had was what I'd got today.  Thank you Dr. and that cheered me on my way.

Anyhoo … my thought of the day is courtesy of Yogi Tea.  I now live by the teabag.  Or their teabags.  They do come up with some great affirmations and sayings and things to ponder and they're  all on the end of a teabag string.  As I drink about five cups a day I'm awash with profound sayings. And tea.

"When the dawn of simplicity comes in life, complications leave".  It doesn't need me to explain, but I will say that if I can stop over-complicating simplicity, it gets even simpler.

Over to this perfect little bird I spotted in West Wittering.  He was so patient while I faffed with my misbehaving focus.  He did get a tad bored at one point and flitted off, but was so kind as to flit back again.  Is he a Wren?  This was just by the sand dunes and I don't know whether they're partial to things coastal, but he does look very Wrenny.  I bet he lives by simplicity.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Photographic Competition Entries

Ohhhh, I've entered a competition.  A kind friend alerted me to the existence of the Connemara Photo Society and a   competition entitled "Silhouettes" ...up to three entries so I've gorn mad and entered three of my photo's.  The cut-off date is 24th April and I presume they'll be uploaded to their Facebook site shortly after that and people can "Like" to vote for their favourite/s.  So in the meantime, here they are!

Shore Talks

Oriental Sparrow

Sunset Rose

I shall tune into their site at regular intervals and keep you all posted ....I bet you're glad about that.